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There are four main benefits of registering for a Velocity Progear account, view them below...

Loyalty Program

We believe that every customer should reap the rewards of loyalty without having to fill in any time-consuming forms or applying for discount cards and coupons. We have designed our loyalty program so that every customer automatically joins on completion of their first purchase and savings can be made immediately with their second purchase. As with the majority of loyalty programs, the more you buy, the more you save! Below are the savings you can expect at Velocity:-

Second Purchase - Receive 10% off.
Third Purchase -  Receive 15% off.

Referral Program

We appreciate you spreading the word about our product range. Refer a friend to Velocity-Progear, and we’ll send you a 10% voucher code that you can use on your next purchase.


Be the first in the know...We’ll keep you up to date with our latest promotions and discounts as well as new product updates and any industry related news that might be useful. We won’t annoy you with emails every day but if there’s something of benefit you will hear it first.

Lost & Found Service

Each Rogue bag has a warranty ID code. Register your ID code on our lost and found service and if ever your bag is lost or stolen and returned to us we will notify you immediately.